Блоги Yuki 26 September
Farewell, All was solved recently;
And this pain facilitate I can nothing,
the Nicotinic smoke has got stuck between fingers,
the Bottle of tequila slowly pulls to a bottom...

I strong and shall forget all.
I courageous and am more words to you I shall not tell;
What you were, but to live I shall not prevent,
I shall simply disappear, I simply shall forgive insults...

On your threshold I shall leave a lonely rose.
And it is lonely, as I;
You, having seen it, will rise in that pose:
" Well what for it is necessary to me? "

I shall keep silent, I quietly shall begin to cry,
you will not hear that bitterness;
And ... spirit twisted differently,
I shall not show even a hint on presence of that killing pain.

Also it is passed long time, farewells.
I ask: " Only is not present, this all not with me! "
You will not see that despair,
I shall not be humiliated, do not wait, my angel.
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